Gomadingen – a small and charming district

Gomadingen is situated in the county of Reutlingen (60 km southwest of Stuttgart) in the wonderful valley Großen Lautertal, in the middle of the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve. Together with the districts of Offenhausen, Steingebronn, Grafeneck, Marbach, Dapfen and Wasserstetten, Gomadingen has a lot to offer nature lovers. Gomadingen has approximately 2.200 inhabitants and an area of approximately 4.985 hectares. 2.344 hectares of which are forested 1.932 hectares, which are used for agriculture. Gomadingen is a rural area, where tourism is a major economic factors.

Along with the Stud farm Marbach, the holiday village Gomadingen annually attracts about 70.000 overnight guests and about 500.000 day-time visitors. The wonderful landscape with its many sights and cultural attractions and provide pure relaxation for young and old. With more than 30 clubs and associations, Gomadingen’s inhabitants are also very active in their own community, with activities ranging from music and sport to a voluntary rescue service!

The town hall Gomadingen

The town hall Gomadingen is managed by the Mayor Klemens Betz. The different administrative duties are carried out independently in Gomadingen as well as in the branch office in Dapfen. The tourist information and the post office are situated in the town hall as well which are in charge of the town hall employees. Besides it is carried out the administration of the public institutions: Primary and advanced elementary school, two kindergartens, a building yard, a fire brigade with three departments, a festival hall, an indoor swimming pool, a slaughterhouse, a sewage plant, a water supply, three bakehouses as well as three cemeteries.